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Dear patients, 

During these unprecedented times we are all working around the clock to stay on top of government guidelines and the UK Department of Health and NHS England. We will be updating this page of our website with up to date advice regarding the status of 

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus. 

Following the announcement by the BBC regarding dental clinics reopening; we are working very hard to make preparations for reopening 80 Kensington Dental Clinic. Comprehensive guidelines will be published by the government on 3rd June.

Dental clinics can open again from the 8th June - we are working to see whether reopening on this date is feasible - we must ensure the practice is safe to keep you protected from further spread of Coronavirus.

With the information we have been given so far, the guidelines have advised that from 8th June the only procedures that can be provided are URGENT NON-AEROSOL GENERATING PROCEDURES.

this means the following procedures will not be available immediately upon reopening:

- Fillings

- Root canal treatment

- Hygienes

- Periodontal treatment

- Crown preparations

- Crown fits

- Routine dental treatment such as check ups

- And any other non-urgent/ aerosol producing procedures

Please be aware - we are currently not accepting bookings directly into the diary.

We will be operating an emergency hotline with an on-call dentist to give advice in case you have any urgent dental issues - if you require advice please dial 020 7938 2833 to speak with our receptionist who will triage your call and forward you onto a dentist if so required 

this service will be available during normal working hours

Thank you very much for remaining patient and understanding during this difficult time.

We understand that this may be frustrating, however we would appreciate your cooperation and patience at this time where we are making difficult decisions in order to protect the wider population and keep those who are more vulnerable safe. A lot of dental treatments are particularly high risk in nature due to the aerosols produced. These are airborne droplets which can contain the virus and therefore quickly exacerbate the spread.

If you are experiencing dental pain or swelling and require urgent dental treatment please call 111 - we have been advised that the government is due to set up dental care centres for those with urgent dental problems. Where the staff will be outfitted with the full personal protective equipment- however this is yet to be confirmed. 

Symptoms of COVID-19

- Fever

- Continuous cough

- Shortness of breath

- Loss of smell or taste 

If you do have dental pain and are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or belong to a vulnerable patient group please call 111 

What you can do:

- Observe social distancing

- Observe thorough hand washing routines (at least 20 seconds of thorough cleansing)

- Reach out virtually to those vulnerable groups in your local community who may benefit from a phone call or reassurance at this trying time where they may understandably feel isolated and alone

- Keep yourself informed on the latest information regarding the virus and educate and keep your friends, family and loved ones accountable 

If you are concerned about COVID-19 or want the latest information please visit the NHS website

These are unprecedented times and as such require extraordinary measures and sacrifice from us all. We appreciate that not being able to see your dentist for routine assessment and treatment is difficult and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. However we are hopeful that making the right choices for the collective good of our nation will prove to make a huge difference and ultimately save many lives! 

Please take good care of yourselves and we very much look forward to seeing you all in the very near future. 

Kind regards, 

Dr Joanne and the team at 80 Kensington Dental Clinic 









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