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Message to Referring Dentist

At 80Kensington Dental, we have state of art technologies.


We focus on providing the highest standard of care for patients in a calm, friendly and comfortable environment.

Our dentists are accepting referrals from external practice. 

​We are very pleased to announce that we are providing the following services on a referral basis:

  • Implant placement(s)

  • Sinus lifts

  • Hard and soft tissue augmentation (bone grafts)

  • Wisdom teeth extractions

  • CBCT + OPG Scans 

  • Many more

Referrals can be made via our online forms.


​Following the completion of treatment, patients are returned to the referring dentist for their on-going care.


Patient Referral Option

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Referral form for GDP

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Patient's X-ray

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Thank you for submitting! We will contact the patient for appointment soon.

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