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At 80 Kensington Dental Clinic we offer the full range of dental treatments encompassing all NHS and private treatments to meet the needs of our patients.

Dental Treatments

Dental Treatments at
80 Kensington Dental Clinic

At our dental practice on High Street Kensington our dentists listen to your concerns and wishes, offering NHS and private dental treatment options.

Our dentists in Kensington will see you for your comprehensive dental check-up and from there create a bespoke treatment plan for you. Every treatment plan is tailored to your individual dental requirements.

See below for a view of the varied range of treatments we offer.

What is the difference between NHS and private treatment?

Dental treatments available on the NHS is what your dentist believes is clinically necessary to achieve and maintain good oral health. There may be private dental treatment options you prefer that are not available on the NHS. We offer both at this practice in order to allow you to choose what suits you best.


If you are being seen as an NHS patient at our dental practice in Kensington, our dentists may offer you both NHS and private treatment options to consider. 


Dental Check-up

A comprehensive dental examination

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Emergency Dental Care

Urgent assessment and treatment for pain

Hygiene Treatment

A hygiene clean with our wonderful hygienist


For treatment of small dental cavities

Dental inlay/onlay

Treatment of medium sized dental cavities

Dental Crowns

Treatment of larger dental cavities

Root canal treatment

Treatment involving the canals of the tooth

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A removable plate to replace missing teeth

Composite Bonding

Addition of filling material to front teeth for aesthetic purposes

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Dental Implants

Replacement of missing teeth with a permanent fixture

Porcelain Veneers

An aesthetic covering of the front surface of teeth

Teeth Whitening

Internal, external and white spot treatment

Wedding Smiles

A combination of treatments to get your smile wedding ready

Smile Makeovers

Combining various treatments to treat your complete smile

Teeth Straightening

Moving teeth with Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment

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Bad Breath

Assessment and treatment of cause of bad breath

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