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Dr Joanne Omidvaran
GDC 258953 (Barts and the London)


Dr Omidvaran graduated from Barts and the London in 2015 with Honours. She has won the prestigious Tom Pitt Ford Prize for her work in endodontics and is fully certified to provide implants and Invisalign treatment. She has a special passion for restorative work with highly cosmetic bonding procedures and crowns. 

Dr Omidvaran is passionate about your patient journey and ensuring you have a comfortable dental experience with us. She is meticulous with her treatment planning and known for carrying out thorough examinations and enthusiastic oral hygiene instruction. She is currently pursuing even higher learning with a diploma and masters in Implantology. She is currently enjoying undertaking a vast array of smile makeover cases with a combined approach of aligning teeth, whitening and bonding. 

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