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Why do I need to visit the dentist?

In this blog post we will talk about:

  • Why it is important you attend for your regular dental check ups

  • How often you can expect to visit your dentist for your dental check-up

The importance of seeing your dentist for all your regular dental check ups

Attending for your routine dental check up is vital to maintain optimal oral health. During these sessions your dentist will monitor for any change in the condition of your teeth and gums.

Your dentist will assess for early signs of decay and dental disease that may not be noticeable to you or causing you pain yet. Your oral cancer screening is also performed by your dentist at your regular check up. During your appointment you have an opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have. Advice specific to you regarding diet, smoking and/or oral hygiene will be explained to your by your dentist following your examination.

Seeing your dentist regularly lowers the risk of extensive dental problems, as issues may be discovered and treated before being able to develop further.

How often should you visit your dentist for regular check ups?

The most common distance between routine examinations is 6 months. However, this is entirely individual. Some may be required to visit more often, possibly due to weakened immune system, dental disease or other problems. Others may need to visit less often than 6 months.

Please ensure you listen to your dentist regarding when to visit again and keep an eye out for communication from your dentist telling you it is time for you to book again. Ensuring your address, email and telephone number is always up to date at your dental practice helps them to contact you when you are due.

Did you find today's blog post helpful?

How often do you normally visit your dentist?

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